Hello! My name is Stuart, although you may know me better as ‘Miles Prower’ from the Shenmue Dojo and fan community in general, and also for my ‘Shenmusings’ blog. The aim of this website is to catalogue all of the differences and interesting findings from the recently uncovered ‘Game Jam’ prototype of the Dreamcast version of Shenmue II.

Please read the Introduction page for information on how this prototype was found and released and who we can thank for it – and a little explanation of why you can see what looks like Yu Suzuki assuming Ryo’s role in-game in the image above!

You can then dive into the various other sections for a breakdown of what differs between this prototype and the final version, complete with comparison screenshots. Please note that due to Shenmue II being such a large game that this may not yet be truly exhaustive and complete, but contains everything I have been able to spot so far. There will also be some more in-depth articles regarding certain differences/oddities in this prototype coming 🙂

If you happen to play this prototype for yourself and spot anything I missed, please let me know via Twitter! (and screenshots would be very much appreciated!). You will of course be credited for any findings added to the site 🙂

Enjoy the site!